founder / director / therapist / coach

Megan Watts Broadhead


I believe the experience of being seen—truly seen and accepted for the whole of who we are—changes us. Therapy is a haven of sorts where this change can happen. As we experience our therapist’s curiosity about us, we are encouraged to wonder compassionately and honestly about ourselves.

Who am I? Who have I been, and who do I want to be? Do I want to get more out of life? When do I feel aware of the magic in life, and when is it missing? Individuals who see me for therapy and coaching are asking these essential questions. The space we create together becomes a comfy place to wonder.

I founded The Wonderhaven (formerly The Brookhaven Center for Counseling & Wellness) in 2015 and Engage Premarital Counseling in 2013. I saw the need for a holistic wellness center in Atlanta and wanted to create a safe and friendly haven for people who have been coming to therapy for years and those courageous first-timers.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist (LPC8487) in Georgia and also a coach and speaker. I work with people who seek to find more presence and depth in life. Many people are drawn to work with me for my expertise in spirituality, infertility, life transitions, mindfulness and meditation, anxiety, depression, and overall fatigue with “the way things are.”

No matter what brings you in, you can expect that I will bring my whole self to this process of co-creating something new with you.

When I’m not spending time with clients or creating, you’ll find me with my littlest life teachers: Micah, Ruthie, and Ari. Plus husband of 15 years, Jono. Clients, friends, and family wouldn’t be surprised to hear that though I love planning our next big adventure, I also live for simple, slow days in a beautiful place with those closest to me or all by myself. These days, one of my favorite ways to spend precious alone time is at home putzing, organizing, creating, and dancing my way around the house to Trevor Hall on full blast. Go ahead and picture it – then go and try it yourself!