certified holistic health coach

Marissa Ruth Watts

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with an education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  With an undergraduate degree in education and numerous trainings in exercise physiology, food education, and holistic nutrition, I aim to help you manifest the best version of yourself and to see the ways in which that self is connected to food practices and mind body connectedness.

I believe in teaching people how to make health and wellness a priority and how to change your relationship with food to free yourself from guilt and shame and live a life of freedom and happiness. I have been actively pursuing health and wellness for many years. Through being a college athlete, teaching wellness courses in a formal setting, becoming a wellness coach at the YMCA, and eventually taking on private practice coaching clients,  I’ve witnessed the obstacles we are all facing with food and body. 

In full transparency, my passion for helping people redefine their relationship to food and body stems from my own struggles. I spent many years in cycles of dieting, restricting, disordered eating behaviors, and everything in between. I looked to everyone and everything for the answers and validation to heal my relationship with food. In doing so, I became disconnected from my body and my purpose. What I needed most was the permission and tools to trust myself. I started evaluating how and why I was using food. I created rituals and routines that supported my desire to trust my body and consistently worked on shifting my beliefs to transform my relationship with food. It is my mission to live a life of presence, curiosity, intentionality, and nourishment, and to help others do the same. 

Together, we can partner to create a custom plan specific for your needs. I am here to help you create lasting changes and help build the foundation for your goals. My ultimate aim is to guide you back to your inner wisdom and to finding peace with food and with yourself.