Do you sense there’s
MORE to life?

More magic, more wonder, more connectedness?
We do, too. The Wonderhaven wellness therapy center is here to help you find your more-ness.

Our Story

Megan Watts Broadhead created The Wonderhaven (formerly known as The Brookhaven Center for Counseling & Wellness) in 2015. She saw a need for a holistic wellness therapy center in Atlanta that focused on the whole of a person – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

Beyond that, Megan dreamt of a space that felt less clinical and stuffy and more OPEN and curious. A place you wouldn’t hesitate to send your child, your best friend, or your partner because you know they’ll be compassionately taken care of.  A place that feels accessible if you’ve had therapists, teachers, and healers in your life for years OR if we are your first stop on that journey.  A true haven where you can feel safe to wonder what more life has for you.

This is The Wonderhaven.

Mission Statement

At The Wonderhaven, we believe your “wondering” matters. We believe that feeling that you could get more out of life is sacred. As a holistic wellness therapy center and a collective of therapists, coaches, and teachers,  we are a safe haven for this wondering. We exist to support your mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality.


Who We Are

We are a group of like-minded, caring therapists, coaches, and teachers who form the collective that is The Wonderhaven. It is our deepest experience and belief that you can discover your truest essence. You can be a conduit and recipient of joy, deep presence, intuitive wisdom, and connectedness with yourself and others. We are beyond honored to walk alongside you in this process.


The Wonder of Giving Back

When you change your world, you change the world around you. When you look inward and fully wonder about who you are, how you might heal, and who you might become, you touch on the connectedness of the whole.  The energy of your wondering and looking inward changes you and changes the world. 

At The Wonderhaven, we strive to manifest this energetic shift into tangible, actionable giving.  Each quarter, we highlight a community non profit to give a portion of our profits. 

Wellness Therapy Center Services

Individual Therapy

What I wish someone had told me was that my first step, the first step we all must take in our life, needed to be inward.” – Sarah Blondin 
Individual therapy is the practice of looking inward in the presence of another caring, compassionate human. At The Wonderhaven, we love working with you individually to help you process past and current pain, create meaning, embrace presence, and experience MORE out of your life.

Couples & Family Therapy

We are open and affirming to all couples & families. Therapy is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a wonderful thing to be investing time and energy into your relationship, and we applaud you!  
Wonderhaven couples & families benefit from therapy for overall relationship enhancement and growth, conflict resolution, communication strengthening, emotional connection, sex and intimacy issues, premarital counseling, family transitions, mental health or general health concerns, and affair recovery.

Groups & Workshops

Insight and healing is often amplified in the presence of others. This is why we love groups and workshops! Learning in community can lead to powerful energetic shifts, and we know that connections with others is a huge support for continued growth as well. 
Currently, Megan Watts Broadhead leads a quarterly “Sacred Space” women’s gathering as well as a “Becoming Momma” infertility support group. Please inquire for more information about either of these. 
Stay tuned for more workshops and events!
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Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation practice integrates mindfulness techniques into an overall mind/body practice. Build these tools into our therapy and coaching sessions, or explore for individual or group instructional sessions.
wellness therapy center

Energy Healing

A reiki energy healing treatment may feel like a glowing radiance flowing in and through you. Treatments focus on the whole of a person—mind, body, emotions, and spirit—and can help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, general relaxation, and more.
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Yoga is a mind-body practice that blends movement, breath, and meditation. Yoga restores balance to the central nervous system, releases stored tension, and promotes overall wellness.
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We love supporting our clients in specific goals related to making peace with food and body, physical wellness, spiritual practices and healing, and overall life enhancement. Coaching is available at our wellness therapy center or through virtual sessions.

Bring the Wonder into Your Marriage

Experience the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool trusted by more than 3 million couples.


Meet our Wellness Therapy Center Team

It is essential to feel connected to and comfortable with your therapist or coach, and we are dedicated to helping you find the best fit for your personality, needs, and goals. Explore our wellness therapy center team below, and then call us to schedule a complimentary 10-minute phone call to get started.


founder / director / therapist / coach

Megan Watts Broadhead


therapist & coach

Cassie Smeltzer



certified holistic health coach

Marissa Ruth Watts


I have been working with Megan Broadhead for 6+ years now and can honestly say it has been a transformative experience many times over. She has seen me through several life milestones from marriage to parenthood to career shifts and beyond. I have found deep personal growth, a greater understanding of self and my relationships, and the tools to live a more attentive life. She brings a calm and empathetic presence to all of our sessions while also making space for lightness and levity too.


After finding myself in a season of consistently feeling off, I wasn't sure how to process, to understand or to, honestly, care for myself. Megan Broadhead was able to come alongside me in a patient, safe & encouraging manner that's allowed me to fully feel me again. It's been hands down the best investment in myself as my time with the Wonderhaven has benefitted my work, my relationships, my marriage and my future.


I've been seeing Megan Broadhead independently for the last two years and I sincerely appreciate her openness, her honesty, her level of engagement, and her empathy. I never feel judged, classified in a box, or uncomfortable. She does an incredible job of listening, adding value, sharing from her experience, and providing feedback. It feels like a two-way relationship and it's something I value tremendously. I'm so grateful a mentor of mine years ago destigmatized therapy and I'm so grateful I stumbled across The Wonderhaven. It feels like one of the healthiest things I've held time for each month as an entrepreneur. Highly recommend Megan and her team!


My husband and I can't say enough wonderful things about working with Megan Jones. 2020 was a year in itself and being able to have guidance in creating a solid foundation as partners coupled with getting through all the ups and downs of this year, needless to say, we couldn't have made it through without Megan J. Loved our experience!

Couples therapy client

My fiancé and I had an amazing experience with The Wonderhaven. We saw Erica and were blown away by her professionalism and her kindness, as well as her ability to gently push us out of our comfort zones through our conversations. I thought I'd have to drag my fiancé to sessions-- he actually enjoyed them! We both grew so much through our sessions; individually and as a couple. We feel more solid and prepared for a lifelong partnership than we ever have, and prepared to handle what may come out way in the future. And we owe that to Erica and The Wonderhaven / Engage!

Premarital couples therapy client

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    Wellness Therapy Center FAQs

    Do you offer virtual therapy & coaching sessions?

    Yes! Certain circumstances (such as a global pandemic, for example) may call for online counseling support, including therapy via a HIPAA-compliant video service. Though we’d love to see your wonderful face in person, we know this isn’t always an option.  

    After this past year of only virtual services, our therapists and coaches are more than well equipped to work with you virtually if physical distance and scheduling are obstacles. Due to state to state restrictions, virtual therapy clients must reside in Georgia or Indiana, as these are states where our therapists have active licenses. 

    With coaching services, you are not required to reside in those states and can live anywhere in the world to regularly connect with your coach virtually.

    In regards to COVID-19 and social distancing recommendations, are your therapists and coaches offering in person sessions yet?

    After 1+ years of virtual-only services, our therapists are beginning to see clients in person now. We have missed you! Our practice remains in compliance with current CDC guidelines for health and safety. When inquiring or scheduling, please specify if you’d like to see your therapist in person, and we’ll connect you with someone who has in-person availability!  Of course, you are always welcome to remain virtual if it suits your comfort level and preference.

    Do you accept insurance? What are your rates?

    We are considered “out of network” for all major insurance companies. However, this does not mean that your insurance plan will not cover therapy. All or part of your services may qualify for reimbursement through your healthcare plan. We will provide you with a “superbill” to submit for possible reimbursement. Submitting superbills is your responsibility.  

    Here are some great questions to ask your insurance company: 

    • Do I have outpatient mental health insurance benefits?
    • What is my deductible, and has it been met?
    • May I only work with a provider approved by my plan, or can I find my own and submit receipts for reimbursement?
    • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
    • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
    • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

    Rates vary by therapist and length of session, so please contact us directly for a quote!

    What brings people to therapy or coaching and what kinds of issues do you see?

    Many people think you have to have a specific or diagnosed “issue” in order to benefit from therapy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! As a wellness therapy center, most of our clients love therapy as a way to enhance their lives.  

    That being said, our clients do benefit from therapy and coaching for anxiety, depression, spiritual counseling & faith explorations, disordered eating and body image issues, eating disorders, infertility, adolescent issues, bipolar disorder, trauma, grief & loss, relationship issues, autoimmune disease, substance abuse & addiction, LGBTQIA+ issues, pregnancy support, postpartum support, and general life transitions.

    What is our first session going to be like?

    It’s normal to be a little nervous, but we promise the build-up is often worse than the actual session. Most of our clients feel so relieved after their initial session. We are understanding (we’ve all been where you are!) and will do our best to make you feel comfortable and at ease, as you start to tell your story. 

    Your therapist or coach will meet with you (or with you and your child if you seek services for a minor) to gather information about any current concerns, obtain background information and family history, discuss goals and provide you an opportunity to ask me questions. The initial intake session lasts 60 minutes and allows us to get to know one another.

    How long are sessions and how often will we meet?

    A standard therapy and coaching session is 45 minutes. Your first session is 60 minutes long (we’ve got a lot of ground to cover!), and then from there, you can choose what works best for you: 45-minute, 60-minute, or 75-minute sessions. 

    Generally, we recommend meeting once a week at first, as time and finances permit. This helps build our relationship and gain momentum in the process. Then we can move to bi-weekly sessions and from there consider what feels best for you.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We reserve your time just for you, so if you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment and have not given 24-hour (1 business day) notice, you will be expected to pay the full cost of the session. Notifications are happily accepted via email and phone. We totally get it—life happens. Just try to let us know ahead of time if possible!

    What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

    The Wonderhaven therapists are licensed and are certified in both Georgia and Indiana. Wonderhaven therapists undergo a rigorous educational and subsequent licensing program, continuously re-educate, and keep the highest standards of professional care. The Wonderhaven therapists often take on the role of a life coach.

    Our team also includes a certified holistic health coach, Marissa Watts.  Marissa works with clients and offers support through coaching sessions aimed to heal your relationship with food and with your body.

    In general, coaching may be more short-term, directive, and solution-focused. It is similar to therapy in that we want to support your growth and learning, and we advocate for YOU. Coaching does not have to be in-person, and you can work with The Wonderhaven coaches from any location.  Sometimes individuals work with a therapist and then seek a Wonderhaven coach for support around a specific issue within that coach’s area of expertise. We are happy to talk with you to see which might be a better fit service for you!


    Visit our blog if you have other questions that haven’t been answered.